Pouring Red Wine

It’s My Job to Help You Make Your Wine Room Cooler

Thank you for finding me. During your stay, I will be your Host, and hope to provide you with useful information about storing and collecting wine, and, for the more serious collectors, helping to make your wine room cooler.

What is wine to me?

Simply put, it is that one serving of fruit per day (I’m sure it counts?) that always lifts me up as my nose takes in the wonderful aromas that trigger my emotions. If it’s a bottle that I have had before, the smell simply takes me back to when I enjoyed it last, fondly remembering the place, location, and company at the time.

I will always find an occasion where wine can be used as a tool for socializing, as it helps the conversation to just flow way easier than it normally would. And, because there are thousands of different types of wines and variety of grapes around the world, I know I can go every day for the rest of my life and always find new aromas and flavors to spice up my life and share.

Offering a nice glass or bottle of wine is the ultimate gesture; whether you drink red or white, it doesn’t really matter – the people around you simply relax and unwind.

Generally, when I serve wine it involves great food too! Wine is the one condiment that makes my food taste better. It enhances and compliments my favorite recipes; perfectly cooked lamb or aged cheese…. Mmmmmmm!

Why do I collect wine?

It started I think when I found a nice red I enjoyed when I was at a restaurant in Paris. I went out the next day and purchased a case, for half the price I might add, to enjoy during the rest of my stay – I did share… honest!

And, so it began! I decided, when I returned home, I wanted to build a well-stocked collection and a variety of different wines that would be readily available to be consumed on demand for any guest or occasion of my choosing. It’s amazing how you start to get many more casual visitors once they realize you have the perfect tipple, at the perfect serving temperature, ready and waiting to help them rid the stresses of the day.

The continuous enjoyment and excitement of finding new wines will never wear off. Buying great wines at discounted prices when available will continue to excite me – being able to store their warmth to enjoy at a later date makes it more affordable too.

“Write drunk; edit sober,” said Ernest Hemingway.

So I am writing this whilst enjoying a nice $15 Cabernet I found a few months ago!

Make Your Wine Room Cooler!

I urge you, if you are not already, to go from a casual wine drinker to collector… whether it’s 6 bottles or 106 – you’ll find it rewarding and exciting as your collection starts to build over time.

Wine Room Cooler

Reminding yourself why you need to use a wine cooler instead of a regular fridge is a good place to start.

Your Cool Wine Host Lili.