Sub Zero Wine Cooler

Sub Zero Wine Cooler – Are They Really the Best of the Best in 2017?

Sub Zero Wolf has been forward thinking for more than 70 years and is an expert in the field of home refrigeration. But is a Sub Zero wine cooler as good as people say?

Sub Zero have revolutionalized the design of a kitchen with their beautiful freestanding and built-in units. Here’s why I think they are top of the range when it comes to wine coolers:

Why a Sub Zero wine cooler?

When developing each high-performance Subzero wine cooler, the need for your wine to retain an ideal balance of sour, sweet and bitter to create the perfect taste must have been at the top of their mind.

These units are fantastic and were built to maintain this balance, and keep your investment safe by protecting it from the enemies of wine; light, humidity, vibration, and temperature.

9 Top Features of a Sub Zero wine cooler

UV-Resistant Glass

When storing your wine, light, especially sunlight, can be a potential problem. UV rays can prematurely age and degrade wine.

A Subzero wine fridge will shield your wine from these harmful UV rays as the doors feature a specific resistant bronze tinted glass. This means that your wine can still be beautifully displayed but remain protected against light exposure.

Subzero Wine CoolerDual Evaporators

If there is a lack of moisture in the air it could eventually dry your wine corks out. If this happens, these dried out corks will oxidize your wine by allowing air to seep into the bottles.

To avoid this, modern Sub Zero technology has ensured that just the right amount of humidity is in the air. Dual evaporators constantly moderate the unit’s humidity allowing no oxidation to rob your wine of its true flavor.

Quiet Compressor

Sub Zero’s excellent compressor is so quiet, and by resting on special isolation mounts too, it minimizes sound and vibration further. This is a huge selling point when choosing a wine cooler, as noise and vibration can speed up the chemical reactions in your wine and spoil it.

The newer integrated units also have a door hinge system that has been improved to further minimize agitation by softly opening and closing.

Independent Storage Zones

The ideal temperature for storing wine ranges from 39 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why heat is the number one enemy of wine. But, you don’t want to keep it too cold either, as big swings in temperature can be very damaging.

A Sub Zero wine refrigerator has independently sealed storage zones and the temperatures will never vary from plus or minus 1 degree from where you set it! This means you can store your red, white and sparkling wines in perfect conditions.

Intuitive/Illuminated Touch Control

You can digitally control each storage zone in your unit to its required temperature by using the new easy to read touch control interface.

Home Security System Connection

“You can connect your wine storage unit to your home security system… now how’s that for extra protection for your investment!!”

Design FlexibilitySub Zero Wine Fridge

What can I say about the look of these wine coolers! Like a fine wine, they compliment your décor fantastically well and are available in different sizes and configurations to suit your design needs.

With some units, you even have the flexibility to customize the hardware and front panel to match your cabinetry. You can also highlight your prized bottles with a special illuminated shelf.

There’s an optional inventory tile system too, which allows you to find what you are looking for with clever metal ID tiles for your bottles.

Discreet Interior Lighting

Their newer dark rear wall interior and excellent lighting system add a dramatic flare.

There’s a soft-on feature too, which means that LED lights, located on the inside, gradually increase in brightness as you open the door. Very cool!

Roller-Glide Shelves and Storage

Attractive rust proof coated shelves, which offer firm support, cradle your bottles nicely. These shelves glide smoothly in and out on rollers allowing you to easily find the bottle you fancy.

These lovely shelves with cherry wood fronts also help to display your wonderful collection like fine art. This attention to detail is what makes a Sub Zero wine fridge, in my mind;

“the Rolls Royce of the wine cooler World… They are an absolute dream to own and show-off.”

There’s even a bulk storage bin and desert wine rack within some units that provides you with even more flexibility, especially if you are keeping the standard, magnums, and even half bottles.

A new humidor has been designed to enhance your wine experience even further!

Which Sub Zero wine cooler is right for you?

Sub Zero wine coolers are available in four different widths; 18 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches and 30 inches.

They can hold anywhere from 46 to 147-bottles and are available in various configurations; column, over-and-under, and undercounter.

Sub Zero 424 Wine Cooler Range

Subzero Wine Fridge 424

Sub Zero 424 wine coolers are the most compact of the entire range.

In addition to the following features, they also have a safety door lock to protect your collection and nice tubular stainless steel pro-handles.

The 24-inch Sub Zero wine fridge 424 has the capacity to hold up to 46 bottles of wine, and are perfect for the kitchen, study or any room where you might want to enjoy a little tipple!

Sub Zero 424 wine cooler price FSG/S

Sub Zero wine refrigerator 424 G/S

Sub Zero wine fridge 424 G/O

Sub Zero IW Wine Cooler Range

Large Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator

The Sub Zero IW range comes in 18, 24 and 30-inch widths and holds from 59 to 146 bottles. These integrated units will fit and blend seamlessly into the décor of almost any media room, kitchen or study.

The IW-30R will cater for 86 bottles of wine, but also has two refrigerator drawers below (total capacity of 4.0 cubic foot). These drawers provide plenty of room for water, limes, cheeses, and other complimentary wine foods or drinks your guests might enjoy.

See the specifications below:

Sub Zero IW-18

Sub Zero IW-24

Sub Zero IW-30

Sub Zero IW-30R

Sub Zero WS Wine Cooler Range

Subzero Wine Refrigerator

With a 147-bottle capacity and fifteen racks, the Sub Zero WS-30 is the biggest wine storage unit. The size makes it perfect if you want your treasured wine collection to be the centerpiece of your kitchen or study.

These large units are packed with features that make sure you get the best bouquet and taste out of every glass.

They are usually available in an overlay, flush inset, and stainless steel.

Sub Zero WS-30/S

Sub Zero WS-30/O

Cool Wine Host’s Verdict

Compact Sub Zero Wine FridgeSub Zero has an excellent reputation for their service… it’s as good as their products. They are always standing by to provide you with expert, friendly, problem-solving 24/7 support.

Each Sub Zero unit purchased is also carefully tested before it is assembled and shipped to ensure that it can withstand heavy use for up to at least 20 years. The units also come with STAR-K Kosher Certification.

In my opinion, you can surely raise your glass to better wine preservation if you choose any Sub Zero wine cooler…

“and you will do it with a lot of style!” 5-star-sub-zero-wine-cooler

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