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EdgeStar Wine Coolers 2017 – Which One Should You Choose?

Below is a featured selection of EdgeStar wine coolers I’ve put together for you. I have explained, in as much detail as possible, the things that you should know about each unit.

EdgeStar is a well-established company with a great reputation and is one the industry leaders when it comes to compact appliances. The latest EdgeStar wine coolers, in particular, have been developed and designed for our modern and busy lifestyles.

You can learn first about the basic buyer’s tips when choosing a wine cooler, but if you already know what type you are looking for and EdgeStar is for you, then simply skip to the desired model below, or read the entire article to become more familiar with what each one has to offer:

EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews


EdgeStar CWR361FD 36 Bottle French Door Wine Cooler

Edgestar Wine Coolers

edgestar CWR361FD wine fridge

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What’s cool?

This extremely nice looking dual cooling EdgeStar wine cooler is one of my favorites!

The finished black cabinet with front exhaust makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for either a freestanding or built-in unit.

It has two lovely stainless steel trimmed French doors, which are tempered glass with a stylish black dot tint to help keep out the light. Each door also has a security lock and large matching stainless steel handles.

There are two temperature zones that operate independently of each other, and a powerful compressor ranging from 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit, which cools the unit and makes it perfect for chilling red, white or sparkling wine at optimal temperatures.

There is also an internal fan that helps to cool the unit evenly, and a carbon filter to keep out odors.

An LED touch panel control makes it easy to adjust the temperatures in each cooling zone, plus a blue stylish LED display light helps to show off your bottles nicely.

10 full depth and 2 partial depth stainless steel fronted wood shelves slide out so that you can easily access your collection.

What’s not so cool?

The bottles on the top row block out the classy LED lights. It would be nicer if the lighting was arranged to show off each row, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker for me!


This unit will fit well into your lifestyle. It’s is not too loud either, but it does have a real compressor, so you will hear a pop when it kicks in. The rubber bushing does absorb some vibration and noise from the compressor, however.

I found the temperature stabilizes the unit quite well as you fill up the cooler and

“it fits perfectly in standard undercounter areas.”

The total capacity of this wine cooler is based on standard Bordeaux style bottles. You can fit different wine bottle sizes, but will need to remove a shelf, so this will decrease the total number of bottles it can hold.

Size: without including handle

Size Height Width Depth
Medium 34 1/8 Inches 23 1/2 Inches 22 5/8 Inches

Size: including handle

Size Height Width Depth
Medium 34 1/8 Inches 23 1/2 Inches 24 3/8 Inches


EdgeStar 18 Bottle Ultra Slim Single Zone Wine Cooler

edgestar 18-bottle wine fridge

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What’s cool?

At just under 12 inches wide, this lovely little slim line unit holds 18 standard size wine bottles, and with the ventilation being at the front, and a fully finished black cabinet, it will fit flush with your kitchen cabinets and display as either freestanding or built-in.

The width makes it unique and offers the perfect solution if you’re looking to replace an old trash compactor or to fill a small undercounter area.

It features a powerful compressor cooling system with digital temperature controls ranging from 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit, so the unit is perfect for either red or white wine.

This ultra-slim, space-efficient design features a nice glass door with stainless steel trim too. The door is totally reversible and has a stylish black dot tint. There is also a nice blue LED display light that shows off your bottles.

This elegant little unit is nice and quiet with auto defrost. The sliding wood trimmed wire shelves, 5 full depth, and 1 partial depth, also help to showcase your treasured collection nicely.

As mentioned, this unit has a compressor but also has powerful circulation fans, so together they help distribute the cool air evenly. There’s also a carbon filter to control odors as well.

What’s not so cool?

Now and again the cooling system will start up and you will get a mild humming noise. This noise is a little louder than a refrigerator.

Also, I found that the interior shelves could have been made a little further apart because when you pull them out, sometimes the bottle will catch. The larger 1.5-liter bottles are an issue – they will fit, but need to be at an angle so you use up a rack.

4 Star Wine Cooler ReviewVerdict:

This great EdgeStar wine cooler reviews nicely and has a classic and timeless design.

For a smaller unit, each rack is still a decent size and holds 3 standard bottles, one faces the other two in the opposite direction, and the temperature remains steady.

The noise isn’t that much to worry about. Just imagine that it is a standard refrigerator with a compressor, so it’s going to make a bit more noise.


Size Height Width Depth
Small 34 1/4 Inches 11 5/8 Inches 22 5/8 Inches


EdgeStar 166 Bottle Single Zone Compressor Wine Refrigerator

edgestar 166 bottle wine fridge

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What’s cool?

This is a full-size single zone cooler at 24 inches wide, so fits and blends nicely with most decors. The unit has a finished black cabinet and a front exhaust meaning it can be built-in and fitted flush or used as a freestanding unit.

It has a large stainless steel trimmed door with an elegant black tint to keep out the UV rays. UV rays can alter the chemical makeup of your wine and affect the taste and maturation, so this is a great feature!

There’s a security lock on the door too, to keep your collection safe and to stop children from accessing the contents.

The door also has a stylish flat bar handle and is completely reversible. It comes out of the box with the door hinged on the right, but this can easily be changed so you can have your door swing open to the left or to the right.

This wine fridge blends well in most locations and has a big compressor cooling system with air cool technology. It also has circulation fans to evenly distribute the cool air throughout the entire interior and to any hot spots. These two features combined help avoid uneven temperature.

With a temperature range from 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit, this wine cooler is great for sparkling white wines or full-bodied reds.

There is a built-in LED control panel which makes it easy to adjust the temperature to your desired level, and the soft blue LED interior light helps to showcase your massive collection.

The cooler also has classic slide-out wood trimmed shelves with wire racks, which I always find aesthetically pleasing.

Another cool feature is the built-in carbon filter, which helps to eliminate odors within the unit.

This large wine fridge plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet and uses only 200 watts and 2.32 amps, so it’s fairly economical.

What’s not so cool?

This wine cooler is full-size so can be louder that other refrigerators. When the compressor cooler comes on it makes a loud noise and then quiets down.

I found the shelves were not as sturdy as other models.

3 Star Wine Cooler ReviewVerdict:

This large unit is reasonably priced, relatively quiet, and keeps the wine at the required temperature.

The outer design looks really good in a kitchen or bar and its construction is solid!

To reach the maximum 166 bottles you need to stock the typical Bordeaux size bottles though (11 ¾ inches high and 2 ¾ inches wide across the bottom of the bottle). So, as stated with other units, if you intend to store non-standard sized bottles it will reduce your overall storage capacity. I would estimate the unit holds close to 150 to 155 bottles taking into account a selection of popular sized wine bottles.

When the unit is delivered make sure it sits upright on a level floor. Then turn it on and let it cool for 24 hours before being stocked.

Size: without including handle

Size Height Width Depth
Large 69 1/2 Inches 23 1/2 Inches 26 3/4 Inches

Size: including handle

Size Height Width Depth
Large 69 1/2 Inches 23 1/2 Inches 28 1/2 Inches

Size: interior

Size Height Width Depth
Large 62 Inches 20 Inches 21 Inches
Save money here by getting these units side-by-side – creating an impressive 332 bottle built-in variation that is super to look at:

edgestar 332 bottle wine fridge


EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

What’s cool?

This is a freestanding compressor-based wine cooler only, so wherever you are planning to position it, you need to allow for 2-3 inches of ventilation space on each side and the top, and 3-4 inches at the rear.

The door has a nice towel bar handle and is reversible, which increases your placement options as you can have it open to the left or right.

You will have peace of mind and know that your collection is safe from children or theft too, as the unit has a factory installed built in lock.

This wine cooler is a popular size holding 34 bottles on wire racks and looks great with its stainless steel-trimmed door, and shelves that slide out featuring a nice wood trim. The A-typical LED lighting will add to the presentation of your collection.

A big feature is that it is a dual zone wine cooler with two independently controlled temperature areas, so you can

“enjoy tastier and longer-lasting wine as it will keep both reds and whites chilled to their optimal temperatures at the same time.”

The upper zone will hold up to 12 750ml standard style bottles and has a temperature range of 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit, making it great for sparkling or white wines.

The lower zone is great for reds with a temperature range of 54-64 degrees Fahrenheit and holds up to 22 standard size bottles.

You can set and monitor the temperature for each zone easily with the elegant LED touch control display, and with a fan forced compressor based cooling system, you never have to worry about hot and cold spots within the interior of the cooler.

edgestar CWF340DZ wine friidge

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What’s not so cool?

The upper area fluctuates a bit from the set temperature, but the bottom zone temperature keeps more stable, which is not a worry if you’re not needing to keep optimal temperature, as red and white wine can be stored at a fairly wide range without a negative effect.

However, if you want a cooler that keeps a VERY precise wine storage temperature in both zones then you might want to look at a different model.

The bottles are sometimes tricky to remove and store too, as the shelves are close together. This, however, can be a problem on many coolers, so for me, this would by no means be a deal-breaker.

4 Star Wine Cooler ReviewVerdict:

This lovely looking wine fridge is perfect for any kitchen, home bar or games room. The size and capacity of the unit are just what most people are looking for and it fits most spaces in a kitchen.

It is attractive and well constructed with a brushed stainless steel finish and nice wood trim on the shelves. The interior LED lighting is a nice touch and VERY bright.

The two different designs of the shelves allow you to store slightly longer bottles. Bottles that are larger than standard size in diameter will fit in the cooler, but you have to alternate the position of them with the base facing out on some, and others with the neck and top of the bottle facing out.

This unit will sound like a mini fridge when the compressor is running (approximately every 5-10 minutes), so if you really want to cut down on noise and go for a very quiet wine cooler, then you want to look at the thermoelectric ones.

This unit looks like a higher-end appliance but for half the price, and is pretty quiet for a compressor-based wine fridge.


Size Height Width Depth
Medium 33 1/8 Inches 19 7/16 Inches 23 1/16 Inches


Are EdgeStar Wine Coolers good?

I find the construction of EdgeStar wine coolers to be excellent – top quality in fact. The company seems to know that people today are usually very busy and rushed, so they design units to make it convenient and easier for you spend more time doing what matters… and that’s relaxing and drinking a nice glass of perfectly chilled wine of course!

You can feel confident when you purchase an EdgeStar wine cooler, as they do stand behind the claims that their products are top quality and innovative, and their high standards follow through when it comes to warranty and customer service.

If you don’t see the wine fridge that’s for you, you can check out other wine cooler reviews for Avanti and Sub Zero’s top of the range wine cooler selection.

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