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Best Wine Cellar App 2017 – How To Get Organized With Your Collection

Managing (or starting) a wine collection can easily become a chore in itself. Which is why you should consider the benefits of using the best wine cellar app you can find.

Having the correct placement and layout for your wine collection is important because it helps for times when guests are over, or simply when you need to find what you’re looking for. Using an app for the management of your wine will help showcase all of the hard work and dedication you have put into it.

What’s The Advantage Of Using A Wine Cellar App?

For many wine enthusiasts, it’s important to know what type of wine they have, how aged it is, and the variety sitting in their wine cellar. Doesn’t it make sense to know exactly where to look for a favorite bottle? Analyzing that well-established collection should be an easy task.

Using a wine cellar app will not only help with tracking and making it easier to find that perfect bottle, but it will help alleviate the stress of searching for the Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay hiding on the bottom. You’ll be able to see your inventory first hand from your smartphone or the computer.

If you haven’t started a wine cellar yet, some of the apps mentioned here can help you think about the layout and design. Take a look at our 10 Key Points to Building a Wine Cellar article and use some of those considerations for a simple and functional design.

Where Can I Find The Best Wine Cellar App For My iPhone/iPad?

There are two apps we’ll discuss that you can find in the iTunes App Store. Both will help you manage and track your wine cellar like a pro!


Boasts The World’s Largest Collection Of Wine Reviews

In the iTunes App Store, you can find the CellarTracker app. There is plenty of information about what to expect before downloading the app. Take a look at the screenshots available and other users’ ratings and reviews. If you aren’t confident this is for you, maybe consider the next option.

Head over to CellarTrackers website to find over 2.3 million wines and join a community of nearly 455,000 users to share an opinion of your favorite wine. On the site, you can browse through several different wines’ features including value, variety, region, type and color, vintage, and even food pairing!

There’s a great forum with constant activity of other wine owners. It’s a very active community and will help to learn even more about the culture and benefits of wine. Find out suggestions and things like how the cost of wine affects its taste.


A Great Way To Graphically Display Your Wine Cellar

Looking for a more visual display? That’s exactly what you’ll find with the VinoCell app. It should be noted that with this app, there is a small price tag, but the only one that gives a visual rack and shelf module to take your wine management more to the visual side of life. This is also an added benefit to see other ways to organize. Looking at a list will only get a person so far with deciding how to visually layout something.

You can also record your tastings, find pro ratings, and match dishes to your wines (similar to CellarTracker). The VinoCell website basically gives you options to download their app, so not much reason to visit unless you’re looking for support or a user manual.

Is There A Wine Cellar App For Windows Or Android?

Wine Cellar Journal

For the Windows platform (namely Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone) there is an app called Wine Cellar Journal. The app is completely free of ads and allows you to index your wines as well as take pictures of the bottles. In case you’d like to backup your data, Microsoft OneDrive is available for cloud storage.


You can also find the previously mentioned CellarTracker on both the Windows and Android platforms. This is a great benefit in case you want to switch between a mobile device and your desktop computer.

One Wine App With An Added Benefit: The Scanner

To be even more efficient with your wine collection, you might be interested in scanning the labels on the bottle. In that case, try the Corkz app . It is available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play for a small fee. It’s not exactly free, but worth the investment if interested in using a barcode scanner.

In their app, you’ll be able to browse, rate, and manage wines. Some of the other features they offer are finding local wine bars, see what others near you are up to, and sharing all things wine over on Facebook or Twitter.

“References and articles are also available to learn more about those mystery wines you’ve never tried.”

Get the best wine cellar tracking appTaking Time For Your Favorite Wine

Finding the time to track the inventory of your wine is not a simple task especially in the case that you own a large collection of dozens of wines. Using the best wine cellar app will allow you to focus more on the wines you love and less on the Excel Spreadsheet of where they are!

A wine cellar is an important asset and within these apps get creative with different categories like sparkling, sweet and fortified, red (both fruity or full-bodied) and young wines. There’s really no limit to how you can begin organizing your wine inventory.

In Summary: Is A Wine Tracking App Necessary?

Depending on how serious you might be about maintaining your wine collection, all of these apps will provide to be useful. The difference in time it could save is definitely worth a shot. Unless there are only a few bottles in your wine cooler and not a full-stocked cellar, sorting through the different brands, tastes, and physical locations will take some time.

Although this boils down to personal preference, all of us have hobbies. When it comes down to finding the time to enjoy a hobby, technology will certainly help us to get more done in less time and allow us to focus energy on what we love. Don’t let the task of tracking wine be any more difficult than it has to be. Download the best wine cellar app (or two) and try them out for yourself.

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